MPM MultiPlugMate 1.5

Save and restore LAN/Internet/LAN Drives/Default Printer settings in profiles
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K. Hofacker
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MPM MultiPlugMate is a program for the administration of network setting profiles. It is especially suitable for mobile computers that are frequently connected to different LAN / WLAN networks. MPM MultiPlugMate is not intended to define network settings. To do this, MS Windows has all of the necessary comfort. MPM saves complete sets of network settings in profiles, which can be activated with a simple mouse click, if required. This means that: With MPM MultiPlugMate it is possible to integrate a computer into a network environment with a single mouse click. The computer is then immediately viable! MPM MultiPlugMate is fully functional without your having to be logged on as an administrator in Windows! This generally enhances the security level, with the result that after plugging into a network you can immediately work and surf - without any second thoughts. You do not have to switch Windows users. Harmful programs do not have access to the system! MPM MultiPlugMate is shareware, meaning: download is free of charge, with a 30 day free trial period before purchase.



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